The Boulder Theater

So I'm pretty much over this acid-techno type of music, but I am still interested in seeing what these artists are doing visually as well as with their music.  Simon Posford is a world-famous DJ from the UK and tours under many monikers, such as Shpongle and Hallucinogen.

Simon Posford as Hallucinog
This show, Simon performed as Hallucinogen.  In this setup, he manipulates various effects devices and mixers to de- and re- construct his tracks.  I was very impressed with this set, and it was a surprise for me... as I didn't know he was going to be opening for himself :)

From Zebbler's Blog
Shpongletron is Simon's latest incarnation of a DJ booth.  Zebbler, a VJ and artist was commissioned to help build and bring the booth to life.  It houses a recessed stage for the DJ booth, two platforms for dancers, a number of projection surfaces, lasers, and a sculpture that has 3D projections mapped to it.  This is a very complicated setup and it is all run off of one projector!!
From Zebbler's Blog

The "Shpongle Face" is my favorite part of this setup, as the projections use light and dark to make the mask appear as if it is moving, making faces and blinking it's eyes.  Another fun thing is that his tongue appears from time to time.  While much of this video is fascinating... much of it is actually sourced from the community.  All of the maps and masks are available for download, and the content you see at the shows is actually contributed by fans!  This is an incredible way for the community to be involved in new media, and I hope it encourages more collaboration across all disciplines.

Massive Projector - I didn't catch how many lumens or the resolution,
but they are running a DVI input and I'm sure the information is on his blog.
More pictures here!