Opening Night at Bombay Bistro
Wow, it was only a week ago, but time is just flying by.  Communikey, for those of you who don't know is Boulder, Colorado's Festival of Electronic Art and Music.  Check out past year's festivals.  I've been involved for the past 3 years, and attending for the past 4.  This was the fourth edition of the festival, and it was a tremendous success.  My role is to act as technical lead at various venues and assist with tech issues as they arise.

Normal Ones and Jason from offthesky in the ATLAS Black Box
This is a fairly media heavy post, so please bear with the loading times :)  And there's lots more after the break and on Flickr and YouTube.

Pulshar at the ATLAS Black Box

Eric Singer's Arduino Workshop
Normal Ones sound check
This year I helped out with the workshops at ATLAS, providing sound and projection assistance as well as running sound for the Dub Visions show in the Black Box.  We hosted workshops on Arduino and Ableton and held film screenings with artist panels to answer audience member's questions.  The amazing Dub Visions showcase featured Taylor Kuffnor on the Gamelatron (to replace Mr. Projectile :(), the Normal Ones (with Jason on visuals from offthesky), and Pulshar.  This was an incredible show and there were intricate projections and awesome music.

Gamelatron installation at ATLAS Black Box

Laura Goldhammer and the Silver Nail
I was also fortunate enough to testrun my new projector at the Odd Fellow's Lodge downtown for a screening of Floodtide Remixed (with a live score by Dark, Dark, Dark).  My new best friend :) Laura Goldhammer and the Silvernail also performed with her robot friends...  a very cool speaker as input and output, octopus driven microcontroller device.  I ran the lights for the show off a very simple 4 channel DMX controller.

J.L.Kane tearing it up at Catacombs
For the rest of the festival I was a participant... not a volunteer.  This was enjoyable as I was able to attend some of the bigger shows (Atom TM and Monolake at the Fox -- this was a big deal by the way, if you didn't know :) as well as the after-parties at Apex Movement.  And of course my favorite event every year is the Sunday party at the park.  It is our final opportunity for our little community to gather in daylight and congratulate eachother on a job well done.  Not to mention there were dozens of other events I was unable to participate in :(  Make sure to keep an ear out for the festival again this time next year.

Audiopixel installation at Apex Movement
CMKY11 Park Party
This was an amazing year, and I am already looking forward to next years festival!  Congrats to Kate Lesta, Jahnavi  Stenflo, Nathan Jantz, Chris McNaughty Erika Dixon, Lauren Higgins, Kate Flynn, all the DJs, volunteers and everyone else I forgot to mention.  Also there's more pictures here and videos here!

World Famous Naughty Sliders
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