Disappear Here - 5 projections at once

2010 ATL&S Innovator award recipients Kim Olson and Nathan Montgomery produced a projection and movement themed show in the Butoh style.  The goal is to "explore the wilderness within and without, the seen, unseen, and the world’s ephemeral beauty."  Nathan began the show in a net hung from the ceiling as a 'womb' (or diaper as some of us called it) and natural elements such as flowers and tumbleweeds were used as props.  The technical challenges for me were tremendous, as I was responsible for synchronizing 5 different projections.


Long Neck Big Heart

Over a year ago, Tim Foss approached me to discuss working on sound design for his MFA thesis project. Over the months, the project evolved into a fascinating story about a man coming to terms with his own insecurities along with the help of two precocious children and a man who may or may not be Santa Claus. The story is told through animatics, live music, and performance. Being involved with such a project for so long was very interesting as I was able to help shape and mold the final product.

I was involved with voice acting (Santa), recording small children's voices for overdubs, Foley and sound design work, as well as custom media programming. The piece of technology I developed was a program in MAX/MSP for a foot pedal board (FCB-1010) used to control the video playback. It also allowed  Tim to record and manipulate musical loops. This created an ‘impossible’ live, one-man, acapella performance.  It was a very fun effect to witness live.
Email me for more information about this kind of program or other performances involving interactive technology.


Shodekeh and blOrk

World famous beatboxer Shodekeh gave a free concert for the Conference on World Affairs Athanaeum series that we participated in with blOrk.  I warmed the house manipulating Paul Hembree's Henon Attractor patch.  (Sorry I can't share it, cuz its not mine).  Actually, running that thing for 30 minutes was a miracle as it tends to crash if you're not extremely careful. 

We then performed a "Man vs. Machine" piece with each blOrker trying to make crazier noises than Shodekeh.  It was a fun experience and we had top notch stage presence.  John Gunther and company also performed Cantaloupe Island with Shodekeh.  Shodekeh also performed a sort of interesting rendition of 'Viva La Vida' with the a capella group CU on the Rocks.  It was a pretty interesting version of the song.  We only had a couple of hours to rehearse and a lot of it was improvised, but the performance turned out really well.