Don't take Everything so Seriously

I saw this squirrel lounging on my tree and I managed to capture a picture of it. Just a good little reminder to kick back and enjoy life every now and then. (Click on it to see the full size)

Image by E.J. Posselius © 2009


Piano Wizard at the Boulder Autism Society Picnic

Earlier this week I worked with Allegro Multimedia (Music Wizard Group), makers of Piano Wizard at the Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Conference. We made some valuable contacts, and it was good to work with MWG again. I was also given the opportunity to work another event later that week.

I was asked to demo the product at the Boulder Autism Society picnic. This was an extremely rewarding event - I had a handful of children who were glued to the game. One particular student, Abby showed a tremendous amount of progress, despite the unexpectedly cold and cloudy morning, not to mention a number of other distractions. The company was friendly and I learned quickly that special needs parents are very sharp, and so are their children. This event was extremely rewarding, and I look forward to working with MWG again.


'The Interactive Piano' TAM Capstone Thesis Installation

The Technology, Arts & Media (TAM) certificate is [was] a 21 credit hour program that the ATL&S building offers. [It is now a minor known as MTAM] It consists of classes on digital/social theory, specific graphic/web/video/etc software programs, and a Capstone class. For my thesis installation, I chose to design an exhibit using the building's player piano. You can read about it and see videos and pictures HERE.

This was an extremely interesting project that involved an exciting new blend of technology, music, and networking. I sent hundreds of emails to jump through all the red tape for arranging the specifics of the project and getting various permissions. But, in the end it was worth it, as I was awarded the 'Best in Show' award for the best Capstone exhibit. Check out the vids and pics (at the link above and the video below), this was a very rewarding project to pull off.

Check out Paul Hembree, Anthony Green, Hunter Ewen, Nathan Wheeler, & Matthew Browne


ATL&S Spring 09 Shows

This Spring, I was fortunate enough to land a job working for the Center for Arts, Media, and Performance (CAMP) in the ATL&S building at CU Boulder. Here's a quick rundown of the some of the events I got to help set up and run:

I helped run sound for everything from the Italian Theatre's puppet-reality show, to the Conference on World Affairs, and the Multi-Dimensional Dance Performance Thesis 'Toeplitz'. The artistic and erotic interdisciplinary performance 'Sweeping' was a fresh experience -- we only had the performance day to set up... so when we saw the show, it was for the first time (instead of the usual 5th).

The three musical highlights included Michael Theodore's What I Saw at the Apocalypse, Paul Hembree's The Antikythera Mechanism, and the Boulder Laptop Orchestra's (bLOrk) performance:
Janet Feder in front of the Second Life performance