ATL&S Spring 10 Shows

The Black Box was very busy this spring with everything from world-wide electronic jam sessions to extreme multi-media collaborations. Here is a short summary of the shows I assisted with. There is more information about each show in each link.

Hunter Ewen

John Gunther and Synthia Payne
CISMAT : Center for Innovative Studies in Music, Art, and Technology

Jacob Herold / Esmeralda Kundanis-Grow

Communikey Electronic Arts Festival
Produced by Kate Lesta, hosted by Communikey.us

Maximilian Shiffman / Nicole Dagesse and Tara Rynders


She Waded in Time/Tethered

“Tethered” was a special show for me because Maximilian Shiffman asked me to be a technical director and sound designer early in the process. “She Waded in Time” was an MFA Dance collaboration between Nicole Dagesse and Tara Rynders. Both contained very different scenic elements, but performers participated in both shows. This collaboration is definitely worth watching and reading about.

Check out these flickr streams for SWIT and Tethered for more pictures and video.