Noisefold at DAM.... yes the DAM again

Noisefold - triple projection
I can't believe I got to go to the DAM 3 weeks in a row for free!    And this time was.... cranial-y disintegrating, but in a good way.  In fact, I'm still processing some of the things I saw.  Congrats to Lindsey Housel for putting the show on and getting me on the guest list :)   Read on for some great setup pictures... I prefer to keep the pictures of the work to a minimum... the magnitude of the experience can't be captured on film, especially on iFilm.  Plus you can always go to their shows, or check out their website...

Cory (left) and David (right)
Noisefold is comprised of Cory Metcalf and David Stout.  I had the pleasure of working with them during their last performance in the area at Communikey09.  Back then, the standard setup was that each artist had a projector correlated to their visuals and sounds that met in the middle.  However, Noisefold has been evolving. 
Cory's two-system setup
(one for each projector)
They now use three projectors.  Cory and David both have their respective projectors, but there is now a third in the middle that can be a separate or conglomerated version of the two other projections.    Another direction that I am ecstatic to hear they are taking is the addition of live musicians!  While they did not do this here, (I'm actually glad I got the more traditional experience) I do look forward to seeing what comes from this cross-collaboration.

Noisefold creating incredible, real-time generative graphics... WOW

Cory prepping, and David explaining
On to the tech details!  Using MAX/MSP/Jitter :) the duo create generative visuals that are directly correlated with noise.  The noise is not what you normally expect when you describe this kind of music.  There is incredible dynamic range and timbral interaction.  Additionally, they use a wide variety of controllers, pedals, and my personal favorite, a set of infrared sensors which detect the height of their hands, which they then use as 'instruments'. 
Many of the patterns and shapes are created using mathematical equations which generate 3D shapes and forms.  Variables within the equation allow each set of projections to be manipulated by the program.  This results in a dynamic and exciting performance. 
David's Setup - noitce the infared sensors in the corners

While the majority of the work is improvisatory, there is structure to what they are doing, and the perform what a band would call their 'set'.  I've said it many times before; Noisefold creates, hands-down, the most interesting and interactive real-time graphics.  I don't know how they maintain such an incredible frame rate, and their knowledge of mathematical architecture and programming manipulation is beyond the capacity of most of us.  If you ever have the opportunity to go to one of their shows, I highly recommend it.  Even if you are not a fan of noise music, the graphics will have you contemplating your existence for a good 72 hours.  No kidding.

Standing Ovation