Cirque Voltaire

The Meadowlark

So, While I have been focusing on the liminal space between the digital and analog world, I was asked to VJ for Narwhal Birdskull, my friend Maximilian Shiffman's metal band.  The event was called Cirque Voltaire and I was on a constant quest to see who could qualify what kind of an event this was.  I thought it was Steampunk, but the masses have me calling it Bizarro or something along those lines.  Regardless, not my typical scene.

There were some very interesting groups performing as well, ranging from A 5-piece band with a tap-dancer to fire-dancers, arial dancers and plenty of art and sculpture.

For the Narwhal Birdskull performance, I was able to play with the liminiality of space between the projector and and my projection surface... the ceiling  above the band in this case.  I have long been interested in breaking the frame that is inherent in projections... so using a series of glass objects, mirrors, prisms, and water, I throw the projected light around the room creating a more immersive projection environment.  Needless to say, this was a crazy, interesting, and bizarre... experience.

If you are interested in having these kinds of projections done for a production, concert, or show please feel free to contact me at posselius@gmail.com.