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ATL&S Fall 09 Shows

Michael Theodore was appointed the director of the new Center for Media, Arts, and Performance (formerly CAMP). He has brought a fresh perspective to the space along with collaboration with Michelle Ellsworth. As a result of the work involved in such a change, the number of shows this semester was lower than usual.

Gabe's Percussive Toothpicks
Samantha Keehn’s trombone recital featuring multi-media work inspired by William Carlos William was well received. Notable performances were with the Tesla Quartet and blOrk, and the CrumbFest, which the composer George Crumb actually attended. There were also a number of other shows which I was not involved with.  Namely, Mark McCoin's brilliant thesis performance "Gifts from Unknown Islands".  This program featured superb staging, aerial dancing, fascinating projections and performance.  Gabriel Todd was the main performer, emerging from the depths of a primordial beginning, and evolving into a technological being.  At one point, toothpicks were dropped on to his character creating a unique percussive effect.  Michelle Ellsworth performed in a suspended orb surrounded by projections recorded and created live by Mark.  It was even brought back for a two-week film shoot for full documentation.

Filming setup

"We work towards revealing something important, perhaps something about our nature or past that is meaningful, and if were lucky, universal."
~Mark McCoin