The Onion Code

"The Onion Code" 
Algorithm based analog print series

I'll pick up right where I left off.  Using the Perlin Hatch Code, I developed a while back I created a series of analog prints.  Unfortunately my printer just can't seem to communicate with the my system properly so I  tend to get partial images and misprints and all kinds of other errors.

So I embraced this and made a small 11 series run of prints ranging in size from 5"x7" to about 1.5"x3.5".  I overprinted blue and green variations of the code overlaying and altering ink densities.  I also cut out smaller pieces and taped them to larger prints to achieve interesting overlays and angles.

Additionally, some of the pieces had tape residue from the overlays, which I attempted to remove with 70% rubbing alcohol.  This caused an interesting fading effect with the ink and I embraced it and 'washed' two of the pieces.

All in all, I was very satisfied with the outcome of this quick and dirty project, considering I just wanted a few prints of the originals.  But technical errors must always be approached with an optimistic eye and as a result, I now have a series of (what I think are) very interesting prints.  If you are interested in acquiring one, feel free to email me!

"The Onion Code"

Algorithm, CMYK, Photo Paper, [Rubbing Alcohol]

10 print run ranging in size from
5"x7" to 1.5" x 3.5" to a 6" square

Code: 12.01.18 :: Print: 13.02.13

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