Convergence III


It's been called the "festival in a building." Get free body work, participate in salon discussions on various topics, sample local wine, see performances, dance all night long and meet new, interesting and beautiful people.

The Convergence is born from the conscious collaboration of a community.

Join us as we bring together shamans of the electronic arts, ancient technologies of embodiment and sophisticated salons of wisdom.

I was really lucky to be invited to VJ for this event. I've done a couple of gigs like this, but this was by far the biggest show I have done visuals for.  Also, there was a typo on the flyer... I normally go by iVVVj as my VJ name, and iEEEj as my DJ name, but vEEEj was printed on the flyer... I actually like this a lot more and have decided to keep this as my VJ name!

The night started off with shamanistic blessing of the space and African style dance and drumming... very Boulder. The night then kicked into full gear and there were workshops, salon style panels, and of course music all night long.  I met lots of new and interesting people and had a really great time providing visuals for the music the night.

I thought I was only going to have a couple of hours to VJ for, but it turned out we were taking the show till 3 in the AM!! I had to scramble and assemble a little extra footage (and a little recycling :) but was able to fill the night. In case you don't know, my VJ style involves refracting and reflecting my projections around the room to create abstract light patterns that encompass the entire audience. The was especially useful because we didn't have any lighting for the venue. Here is a (very) short sample of what the venue looked like. Keep in mind there is only one projector ... the images and light are being refracted with prisms and other glass objects.

Convergence III SCHEDULE
Sky Lounge
7-9pm Opening Ceremony and African Drumming with Ahva (Rhythm Sanctuary)
9-10pmDJ Rolf (Rhythm Sanctuary)
10pm-11pmDJ Jypsy (Pink Mammoth)
11pm-12pmDJ Ryel (Pink Mammoth)
12pm-1amDJ DublD
2am-3amDJ AY

The Convergence is about conscious collaboration. There is this deep knowledge in each of us that something new is being born in our community. Sometimes when I hear the word "conscious", my eyes roll back and I want to make a joke about the Boulder bubble. Yet, awakening is happening and I see its tendrils dancing in the collective dust swirling around us. Whether it is indigenous elders sharing secret traditions thousands of years old or an emergent authenticity in the communication among my friends, I do feel it. I feel it when I lose myself in dance and when I commit myself deep in a practice of embodiment. The Convergence is a beginning and an inquiry into what is possible when our community collaborates on something greater....

This was an exciting and unique event to close out my time in Boulder (I will be moving to Denver in August and going to DU's Digital Media Masters program). I look forward to doing more VJ gigs like this, and hope that the the Convergence crowd will invite me back for future events!